Bene Factum Highlights

  • After the first Harry Linley adventure  (Persian Roulette) it’s payback time and revenge can be sweet – if somewhat complicated…With her husband in prison Ivanna Delimkova unwittingly finds herself queen of his Russian cartel. And now all she wants is to get even with those who ripped them off.

    But this proves far from simple – none of her targets are quite what they seem.

    Is mild-mannered Iranian pornographer Shaheen Soroush really the deadly killer everyone thinks he is? And as for his fortune – where is it and can it be accessed?

    How come seemingly innocent former SAS officer Harry Linley is suddenly so wealthy?

    Alluring Russian Oleana definitely knows more that she lets on – but will that get her into trouble? Almost certainly.

    Can the clever Dubai detective Omar Shamoon find out once and for all what’s really happening on his patch?

    And purring contentedly in the middle of all this is Bunny, a Persian cat presumed dead but very much alive.

    Russian mobsters, ex-special forces operatives, Iranian secret agents, a British computer hacker, and a bumbling MI6 analyst with a knack for accidentally predicting the next international crisis, these are all the ingredients for a masterful and humorous thriller that races between the Gulf States, Singapore, Moscow, Iran, Bermuda and London…ending with a neat twist ready for the next book in the Harry Linley series.

    288 pages

    Paperback and e-book – Published by Nine Elms Books

  • Playing the field, sailing the sea, cooking up storms

    Who on earth has heard of Nick Hudson?

    Not many of us – unless you’re the likes of Elton John, Ingrid Bergman, Richard Avedon, Mick Jagger, Bernie Taupin, Marlon Brando, Penelope Tree, Oliver Messel, or Lauren Bacall, to name but a very few of the great and the good who visited the Bagatelle restaurant in Barbados in the 1970s. But Nick’s buccaneering life didn’t start or stop there…

    This highly entertaining and fast-paced memoir tells the author’s funny and moving account of his free-spirited journey through life. Born in 1938 to a long line of seafarers, his ambitions were clear-cut and simple from the start: to go to sea – and to become a complete and accomplished bachelor.

    But fate is rarely so amenable.

    The heady days of Nick’s Diner in Swinging London; the decadent idyll of the Caribbean; blissful paradise with his beloved wife in France – Mister Nick’s path has been all but straightforward, a kaleidoscope of flying, food, sex, and sea, with a glittering cast of names.

    352 pages

    Hardback and e-book

  • …and other stories

    I didn’t intend for Alex to be in my book, he just appeared, sort of uninvited, as he always seems to in real life.”
    The Unround Circle

    Just because I made it up doesn’t mean it isn’t true…

    Master of the written word Pete Bellotte presents twenty-two short stories exploring the limitless range of behaviour that people are capable of.

    Amusing, perplexing, dark-minded, or even hilarious, the characters inhabiting this universe have just one thing in common: a determination to challenge expectations and upset the norm. You’ll never see them coming.

    In their own way, all of them – liars and murderers, heroes and romantics – fight back against the forces, right or wrong, that work against them. They defy convention… Break the bonds… Unround the circle.

    400 pages
    E-book out now from Amazon and other e-tailers
    Paperback to be released in May 2015



  • Oscar King

    MP_CatAfter a successful and varied career in the British Special Forces and service with the American military and government, Oscar King now works in the financial sector in London and the Middle East. When not working or adventuring, King writes. Having previously written military non-fiction for Bene Factum, he has now successfully turned his hand to fiction with Nine Elms Books

    His shadowy past has made him more than qualified to write the anarchic Harry Linley spy trilogy, the first of which, Persian Roulette, was published in 2015. The highly anticipated sequel Moscow Payback is being released as both an e-book and a paperback in April 2016. An option on the film rights of Persian Roulette have been purchased by an international producer and development of the screenplay is now under way. More news to follow.

    Find out more about the mysterious King at

    Or follow him on Twitter @TheOscarKing



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