Donough O'Brien

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The most remarkable people you’ve never heard of

Who? Never heard of him.’ ‘Who? Never heard of her.”

In a world dominated by shallow celebrity, many remarkable people often remain unknown and unrecognised. This book brings the unrecognised to recognition – with over 200 names that should trip off the tongue, but don’t.

Who was John Kennedy’s first dangerous lover?
Who made rock music possible?
Who was Simon Cowell’s mentor?
Who stopped Catholic priests marrying?
Who invented the ‘hole in the wall’ ATM?
Who built the first bra?
Whose driving error started World War I?
Whose ‘devil’s paintbrush’ killed millions?
Who first broke the sound barrier?
Whose blood cells are ’immortal’?

Most of us are intrigued by the question “Whatever happened to…?” Donough O’Brien has hit on another splendid idea – “Whoever was…?”, listing and describing scores and scores of extraordinary people who played an important but hidden task in the story of our times, but whom we probably never heard of in the first place. Definitely a book to dip into from time to time for an hour or more’s remarkable details.Frederick Forsyth in his Foreword

232 pages
Paperback (also available in hardback by direct request to the publisher)

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Donough O’Brien, before turning to writing, enjoyed a successful marketing career in the US and Europe. His previous books include Fame by Chance, which looked at places that became famous by a twist of fate; Banana Skins, which covered the secrets of the slips and screw-ups that brought the famous down to earth; Numeroids, a book of numerical nuggets; and In the Heat of Battle, about those who rose to the occasion in warfare and those who didn’t.

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