Allerd Stikker


How the revival of Daoism is turning China’s ecological crisis around

Allerd Stikker witnessed and actively participated in the Daoist resurgence, together with the Alliance of Religions and Conservation. Strikker shares his fascination for Daoism, and explains how nature conservation is deeply rooted in its philosophy and practice. He tells the story of his cooperation with ARC in assisting Daoist masters to build the first Daoist Ecology Temple in China, and how this ecology movement has spread throughout China in recent years. He shares his joy when the Chinese government picked up on this success and officially declared that Daoism should be restored as the heart of Chinese culture, in order to overcome the ecological and societal problems that China is facing—thereby putting Daoism officially back on the map.

192 pages

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Allerd Stikker

Allerd Sticker, a Dutch former high-ranking businessman, with degrees in chemical engineering (MSc) at Delft Technical University, and theology (MA) at the University of Leeds, has for long worked on the ecological dimensions in business strategy. With one foot in the business and science world, and the other in the world of ecology, philosophy and religion, he manages to build a bridge between these two worlds—both in his original, inspiring view of life, and in the many international projects he initiated and supported, on a.o. clean water and sanitation in developing countries. He is the author of The Transformation Factor (1992, Eng version), Closing the Gap (2002), and Water, the blood of the Earth (2007).

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