Nick Hudson


Playing the field, sailing the sea, cooking up storms

Who on earth has heard of Nick Hudson?

Not many of us – unless you’re the likes of Elton John, Ingrid Bergman, Richard Avedon, Mick Jagger, Bernie Taupin, Marlon Brando, Penelope Tree, Oliver Messel, or Lauren Bacall, to name but a very few of the great and the good who visited the Bagatelle restaurant in Barbados in the 1970s. But Nick’s buccaneering life didn’t start or stop there…

This highly entertaining and fast-paced memoir tells the author’s funny and moving account of his free-spirited journey through life. Born in 1938 to a long line of seafarers, his ambitions were clear-cut and simple from the start: to go to sea – and to become a complete and accomplished bachelor.

But fate is rarely so amenable.

The heady days of Nick’s Diner in Swinging London; the decadent idyll of the Caribbean; blissful paradise with his beloved wife in France – Mister Nick’s path has been all but straightforward, a kaleidoscope of flying, food, sex, and sea, with a glittering cast of names.

352 pages

Hardback and e-book

ISBN: 978-1-909657-32-8. Categories: , .

So where is Nick Hudson now? In 1990 he refound his childhood sweetheart, Veronica, and married her. In 1998 they moved to south-west France. Nick became involved with child Chernobyl victims and has visited Russia and Belarus frequently. A couple of years ago he took up Mandarin. When at home in France he is busy writing and when he gets away often it is to commentate on international high goal polo matches. By happy coincidence both he and Veronica will be publishing their first books in the same year.

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