W. Stanley Moss


By the author of international bestseller, ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT.

A new edition of the sequel to the phenomenally successful Ill Met by Moonlight. Few other escapades of WW2 have captured the public’s imagination more than the successful abduction of German General Kreipe from enemy occupied Crete in 1944. It was an operation instigated and daringly executed by two British SOE officers—Patrick Leigh Fermor and William (Billy) Stanley Moss. The war didn’t stop for Billy Moss after the Kreipe operation though, and it is his continuing story that Billy recounts in War of Shadows. He reflects movingly about what it means to fight and deal in death, how the turmoil of operations behind enemy lines in a foreign country are dependent on the goodwill of local inhabitants, and, surprisingly, of the moments of high humour. This is a book of three parts—each displaying varied aspects of World War II and its eventual conclusion.

One of the finest memoirs of behind-the-lines work during the Second World War. Honest, powerful and authentic.
Dr Roderick Bailey, SOE author and historian

Billy Moss was one of those daring adventurers, the like of which we no longer see. His first book, Ill Met by Moonlight, about the kidnapping of General Kreipe, became a celebrated film.  This book, reissued after 52 years, tells of his further exploits in Crete, Macedonia and Siam—the story of a man of initiative and great courage.
Hugo Vickers, author and historian

352 pages

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Just before the war, an 18 year old Billy Moss was living in a log cabin on the Latvian coast. On returning to England he was commissioned into the Coldstream Guards, and then fought with his regiment in North Africa before being seconded to SOE to operate behind enemy lines in Crete, Macedonia and Siam (Thailand). After the war he became a writer, broadcaster and journalist travelling around the world—especially Antarctica and the Pacific. He died in 1965 and two daughters from his marriage to Countess Zofia Tarnowska survive him.

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