Howard Leedham


The true story an operation in Pakistan’s badlands

Fifty Pathan tribesmen – Ten American helicopters – One British former special forces officer operating against all the odds in one of the most inhospitable and turbulent environments of the world. This is a true story resonant of the Victorian Great Game.

The hitherto unknown story that Howard Leedham has to tell could have come from the Northwest Frontier of Rudyard Kipling’s time… The year described in these pages cost him his marriage and (several times) almost his life… Somehow it happened.  Somehow, on a shoestring, the helicopter-borne, night fighting intervention force began to frighten the black turbans out of the Taliban, Al Qaeda and opium barons… And his Pathans…Those fifty dark featured, tough, lean, hard warriors, as dangerous as the land that made them… for a few months led by an infidel Britisher, they terrified those whose only language was terror. Kipling would have loved them.
Frederick Forsyth in his foreword

“This one is different: a cracking read and unlike many other books currently available about the war in Afghanistan and its environs – I recommend this book heartily to all.”
ARRSE (ARmy Rumour SErvice)

“If you’re looking for Christmas or birthday present ideas, I strongly recommend you put this book – onto your wish list. This true account reads like adventure fiction—All you have to do is manipulate someone into buying you this book. You will not regret it.”
FAAOA (Fleet Air Arm Officers Association)

376 pages

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Howard Leedham

Howard Leedham

By any standards Howard Leedham’s military career is unusual. He started life as Royal Navy clearance diver, was commissioned, became a Commando helicopter pilot

and then served in the Special Forces. Twice decorated for gallantry, he also became the first British officer to command a US Marine Corps squadron on active service. Today Howard works in the financial sector in the Middle East. Rumour has it that he’s turned to fiction  and is writing a thriller. Watch this space!

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