Robert Booth


The people on your plate

Who’s on the Menu presents those pioneers, famous and infamous, thanks to whom we have been able to sustain our passion for sustenance.

Laurie Colwin once said:

People who like to cook like to talk about food. Without one cook giving another cook a tip or two, human life might have died out a long time ago.”

Too little attention is given over to these silent players responsible for influencing the recipes we enjoy the most and getting them on the table. This compilation finally addresses that injustice in an amusing and compelling ‘who’s who’, which will appeal to all those foodies that like to know from where (or rather whom) their food is coming.


  • …the Caesar Salad’s unlikely origins in defiance of Prohibition.
  • Monsieur Parmentier, who got the French to swallow their pride and eat a potato or two.
  • …how Columbus managed to get an egg to stand on its tip.
  • …the lovely Rachel, with as many dishes to her name as lovers.
  • Tarte Tatin, the chaotic and inevitable result of flirting while cooking.

And much much more…

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After Bedales, Cambridge and LAMDA, and a year finding out that he was neither a good nor a successful actor, Robert Booth spent 11 years teaching English as a foreign language in London, France and Italy. He then went into broadcasting, first with BBC Radio 4 and then at Classic FM. In the spring of 1996 he and his family moved to south-west France, where they lived for 7 years. He writes a regular food column for Sussex Living magazine. Apart from Who’s on the Menu, Robert has also written Eating the AlphabetWho’s on the Bottle and Words of Food as part of his series of gastronomic gift books, also published by Bene Factum. Previously he wrote Always and Only Venice, a grand compilation of odds and ends, myths, legends, curiosities, facts, and strange and wonderful things about that most magical place. He now lives in Petworth, Sussex.

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