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Alan Ogden


SOE Heroes in Greece

In this follow-up to his acclaimed A Spur Called Courage, military historian Alan Ogden repeats the formula of picking exceptional WW2 Special Operations Executive [SOE] heroes – this time nineteen who operated behind enemy lines in Greece.

Sons of Odysseus highlights many of the extraordinary acts of sabotage carried out by SOE personnel against German occupation forces and examines the difficulties SOE Missions experienced in working with a resistance torn apart by irreconcilable political divisions. Also, there are unexpected stories emerge of humanitarian aid dispensed to starving children in the Peloponnese and of the struggle to safeguard 11,000 Italian POWs after their surrender in 1943.

Some of the episodes in this book are quite well known – Patrick Leigh Fermor’s capture of the German general on Crete and Gordon-Creed’s blowing up of the Asopos viaduct – but many others are untold – until now – and were equally daring acts of heroism.

Sons of Odysseus is a fascinating study that sheds important light, long overdue, on the remarkable exploits of a selection of SOE personnel dispatched to fight in enemy-occupied Greece.
Dr Roderick Bailey

…his thorough research has produced a marvelous book…Brimming with anecdote and full of character…very readable…[the author] is to be congratulated on producing a superb book that is a fitting tribute to those who fought with SOE in Greece.”
Guards Magazine

…fluent. highly readable text…an inspiring story, worth reading in this new dark time for the people of Greece.”
Anglo-Hellenic Review

384 pages

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After a career including twelve years as an infantry officer with the Grenadier Guards and a long and enjoyable stint in international advertising and public relations, Alan decided to change direction and write about the history and culture of Eastern Europe. His books include Romania Revisited, Fortresses of FaithRevelations of Byzantium and Moons and Aurochs. In 2010, Through Hitler’s Back Door, his well-received study of SOE in Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, broke new ground and A Spur Called Courage, Sons of Odysseus and Tigers Burning Bright continued his coverage of the courage and heroism of SOE operatives.

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