Alan Ogden


SOE Heroes in the Far East

In his new book Alan Ogden brings to life the extraordinary story of SOE in the Far East as an organization battling against vested interests and competing Allied agencies and how over time it became a significant provider of strategic and tactical intelligence as well as carrying out countless dangerous missions behind enemy lines, some of which inflicted massive losses on the enemy. Behind this history lie the stories of some exceptional men who defied all odds in successfully prosecuting the war against a ruthless and efficient enemy in one of nature’s toughest and most dangerous environments, the jungle. Ogden draws on both published and unpublished sources to tell their remarkable stories, always ensuring that the political context of their missions is fully explained.

480 pages


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After a career including twelve years as an infantry officer with the Grenadier Guards and a long and enjoyable stint in international advertising and public relations, Alan decided to change direction and write about the history and culture of Eastern Europe. His books include Romania Revisited, Fortresses of FaithRevelations of Byzantium and Moons and Aurochs. In 2010, Through Hitler’s Back Door, his well-received study of SOE in Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, broke new ground and A Spur Called Courage, Sons of Odysseus and Tigers Burning Bright continued his coverage of the courage and heroism of SOE operatives.

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