Chris Craymer (Photographer)


Chris celebrates the random, the details that add truth to the whole. ‘It’s all about trust,’ he says. ‘I wait for something to happen, and I never doubt that it will – however long it takes.’ Romance is all about the moment…”
Chris Elton, in his Foreword

London-born photographer Chris Craymer launches his first photographic book. Titled Romance, the 200 page book is a personal project which Chris has been working on for several years–an evocative series of photographs capturing moments which perfectly articulate the true meaning of romance. The couples featured in the book are sometimes models, sometimes not, but they are all real couples in varying stages of what Chris has described as “pre mortgage love.” The 130 images, some in color, some in black and white, still-life alongside lifestyle, are wistful, lustful, joyful, and most importantly playful–the light, witty touch being an important element in much of Chris’s work.

200 pages

ISBN: 978-1-903071-20-5. Category: .

Chris Craymer – London-born, with roots in Fleet Street, Chris early on pushed the boundaries of newspaper photography and celebrity portraiture. His enthusiasm for picture ideas and fashion styling led him to be regularly requested by celebrities such as George Michael and Wham! International in scope, he is represented in London, New York and Paris and works for numerous editorial clients including American, British, Indian and Korean Vogue, British, French and American Glamour, numerous Marie Claire and Elle titles and a number of independent magazines including CrashDansk and Rodeo. He has also worked for many major fashion and beauty brands throughout Europe and the USA. Chris recently moved to New York to work.

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