Sim Canetty-Clarke, Amanda Lockhart and Susannah Frieze


A Book of Wedding Tips and Slips

This book is so brilliant that it could almost persuade me to get married.”
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson in her Foreword

A highly informative, entertaining, and slightly irreverent look at one of life’s great ceremonies Exposing the real-life insanity behind those picture-perfect wedding days, this collection comforts the soon-to-be-married with the knowledge that one’s “perfect day” doesn’t have to be quite so perfect. This volume of wedding anecdotes, superstitions, and jokes – with some statistics thrown in – features both dream wedding days and disasters. Fresher in perspective than a how-to guide, it offers a trousseau of tips and short-cuts from the photographers and author and from other couples who have been there – all stunningly illustrated by real photos of real people enjoying real weddings.

200 pages

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Having spurned her chosen child genius career as a cellist, Sim Canetty-Clarke has been photographing weddings for more than 20 years. Always the photographer but never the bride, she knows better than most the potential disasters of planning a wedding, having been jilted dangerously near the altar a week before her own.

Amanda Lockhart never wanted to be a wedding photographer. Ten years ago, she was in a darkroom in Brixton and was struck by how fabulous the pictures being printed by the photographer next to her were. It was an encounter that changed her life. The photographer was Sim Canetty-Clarke.

On her wedding day, writer Susannah Frieze had neither Amanda Lockhart nor Sim Canetty-Clarke as photographer, more’s the pity. Nevertheless, it was her Best Day. Six books, a decade of journalism and a few radio/TV appearances later, she’s finally writing about something she knows about.

All three met while singing. They have been known to sing at weddings… book early to avoid disappointment.

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