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I spent the last 30 years working and living in this great city and it is a hard place to leave. Apart from the architecture and history it is a place of wonderfully diverse and gifted people. New York may pride itself on being a melting pot but London has this street fashion thing which keeps on and on popping up new talent and new personalities. When I say personalities this is not limited to the rich and famous. London produces wave upon wave of eccentric, engaging, unique, talented, courageous individuals. There is something ‘cool’ about London and its people, whether they are born and bred there are just passing through for a while.”
Chris Craymer

Top fashion photographer Chris Craymer shares his portraits of London denizens who embody London style – people in his world, friends, people he has worked with, and people he aspired to meet. His subjects include the famous–Robert Pattinson, Peaches Geldof, designer Bruce Oldfield, Liam Gallagher – and the not-so-well known – an architect, budding ballerina, fashion editors, designers, artists, photographers, students, hairdressers, make-up artists, and his own daughter.

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Chris Craymer – London-born, with roots in Fleet Street, Chris early on pushed the boundaries of newspaper photography and celebrity portraiture. His enthusiasm for picture ideas and fashion styling led him to be regularly requested by celebrities such as George Michael and Wham! International in scope, he is represented in London, New York and Paris and works for numerous editorial clients including American, British, Indian and Korean Vogue, British, French and American Glamour, numerous Marie Claire and Elle titles and a number of independent magazines including CrashDansk and Rodeo. He has also worked for many major fashion and beauty brands throughout Europe and the USA. Chris recently moved to New York to work. His previous work includes Romance, also published by Bene Factum

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