Alan Ogden


A Romanian Journey

Moons and Aurochs takes the reader on an eccentric and out-of-the-way tour of Romania. Starting his journey in the wetlands of the Danube Delta, the author wanders through the mountains of Transylvania into the hidden Carpathian valleys of Moldavia and ends up on the plains of the Banat, along the way meeting Lipovans, Székelys, Saxons and Houtsouls. The effect is to view Romania through a constantly rotating kaleidoscope where colourful historical figures mutate into equally colourful contemporary characters.

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After a career including twelve years as an infantry officer with the Grenadier Guards and a long and enjoyable stint in international advertising and public relations, Alan decided to change direction and write about the history and culture of Eastern Europe. His books include Romania Revisited, Fortresses of FaithRevelations of Byzantium and Winds of Sorrow. In 2010, Through Hitler’s Back Door, his well-received study of SOE in Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, broke new ground and A Spur Called Courage, Sons of Odysseus and Tigers Burning Bright continued his coverage of the courage and heroism of SOE operatives.

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