Donald Hall, edited by Alan Ogden


Colourful experiences of village life

Romanian Furrow, written in 1933, is an enchanting and evocative chronicle of a journey made by a young Englishman, Donald Hall, to Romania in search of a rural lifestyle that was rapidly disappearing in Western Europe. Hall set out not only to observe but to actively participate in peasant life and in this quest he brilliantly succeeded in touching the soul of Romanian country life. The friendships he made along the way are most moving. Hall’s account of rural life in Romania – which has not markedly changed today – admirably meets the reading requirements of Green or Eco tourists, a market segment that Romania is investing much of its tourism budget to attract.

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Born in 1903, Donald Hall was educated at Shrewsbury and Corpus Christi Cambridge where he read English. He started his career as an articled clerk to a firm of City solicitors until marriage and ill-health unwittingly combined in 1928 to send him to Montana in the USA to care-take a farm. This in turn led to a lengthy sojourn in New Mexico and ultimately to the well-received publication in 1932 of his first travel book, Enchanted Sands. His next travel book, Romanian Furrow, followed in 1933 and soon after, Hall wrote his first novel, No Retreat, based on his Romanian experiences. Two further novels, Perilous Sanctuary and This Other Eden completed his pre-war output; 15 years were to elapse before the publication of his next work, the epic poem The Phoenix Flower, in 1953. Hall returned to novel writing with The Seeming Truth (1954), based on his time in the Foreign Office in the Second World War, and then revisited his original literary genre with Eagle Argent, a travel book based on the Monte Casino region in Italy. His last novel, The Crowd is Silent, set in wartime Romania, was published in 1961. His final works were an autobiography, Ring of Words (1964), a study of The English Medieval Pilgrimage (1965) and another epic poem, Journey into Morning (1972).

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