Jan and Cora Gordon, edited by Alan Ogden


Classic Portrait of a French Village

Two Vagabonds in Languedoc – written in 1925 – is Jan and Cora Gordon’s charming and evocative sketch of the French village of Najac. Return today to the very same village on the border of the Departments of Tarn and Aveyron and many of the landmarks mentioned are still there; nowadays life goes on much the same. In their day, the authors were something of a publishing phenomenon. Two Vagabonds captures all the charm of France and, perhaps, helps explain why it’s one of the major tourist destinations in the world.

256 pages


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Jan and Cora Gordon were an exceptionally talented couple who wrote twelve captivating books about their travels between 1916 and 1933. Working as artists in Paris, they met and married there in 1909; on the outbreak of WW1 they joined the Red Cross and found themselves in the Balkans. After the war they returned to Paris and combined their literary and artistic skills to write and illustrate their first travel book about Spain. Success followed success and during the twenties they wrote books about their wanderings on foot in Balkans, France, Portugal, and Sweden. In the late 1920s their growing international reputations led to a grand tour in the USA and further popular books on art, as well as several novels.

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