Nigel Rodgers


Peacock or Enigma?

Foreword by Stephen Calloway

The ‘Dandy’ is not just an elaborately or even well-dressed man – nor is he an exclusively English phenomenon. He is something far more universal and intriguing. The author captures the lives of the Dandies. Their stories are told against a backdrop of revolutions and war, the world’s great cities (London, Paris, New York, Hollywood, Moscow, Berlin), and amid financial and sexual scandals. All too often Dandies lived in luxury but died in penury.

The Dandy’s place in history is assured. Not because Dandies have made any major contributions to politics, economics or warfare, but because they were, and continue to be, figures of huge cultural significance – sometimes bafflingly enigmatic, always iconic.

“Do we need another book about dandies? Having read ‘The Dandy, Peacock or Enigma?‘, I think we do, or at least did. Although there have been countless books about dandies…not one of them is comprehensive enough to cover all the relevant historical periods…while also giving serious thought to the philosophical side of dandyism. This one does just that…If one wishes only to have a pair of tomes on dandyism in one’s library, one of them should be Barbey D’Aurevilly’s ‘Du Dandyisme et de George Brummell‘; the other should be this one.”
Gustav Temple, The Chap Magazine

“One of the best titles released on the subject.”

256 pages

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Nigel Rodgers is the author of 16 books on subjects ranging from Roman architecture to travel and philosophy and has been translated into eleven languages. Among his books are Incredible Optical Illusions (Simon and Schuster), Hitler (Hodder and Stoughton), Roman Empire and The Ancient Greek World (Anness), Roman Architecture (Southwater). With Mel Thompson he has written Existentialism Made Easy (Hodder) and the highly acclaimed Philosophers Behaving Badly (Peter Owen). He was educated in England, France, and Italy and read History and History of Art at Cambridge; he was a founder member of the Siesta Club (logo – ‘Crossed Hammocks), lives in Wiltshire and, in the moments between his siestas, he writes!

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