Stephen Howarth


The Making of a Legend

A Savile Row suite is universally understood to be the best one can buy. There is no other street in the world that has come such a byword for excellence. One tailor – Henry Poole – is responsible for this. Carefully researched and beautifully illustrated this book chronicles the evolution of Savile Row and the emergence of Henry Poole as the premier tailor with a fascinating list of clients. Throughout the world ‘a Savile Row suit’ is universally understood to be the very best one can possibly buy. There can be few other streets in the world that have become such a byword for excellence. One tailor more than any other is responsible for this international reputation – Henry Poole and Company. Yet how did this prominence come about? Henry Poole – The Making of a Legend is more than just the story of a company’s rise to prominence. Carefully researched from the company’s extensive archives, amongst many other sources, this book will fascinate the reader on a number of levels. It chronicles the evolution of Savile Row as well as encompassing a social record of Britain’s international emergence. At the same time it documents how fashions have changed and progressed. The pages of Henry Poole – The Making of a Legend reflect almost two centuries of the ebb and flow of corporate survival with financial successes followed by perilous trading and near bankruptcy.

160 pages

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Stephen Howarth is a well-respected writer and historian with special expertise in corporate, maritime and naval subjects. Amongst twelve published books and numerous articles, he has attracted international attention with his histories of P&O and Shell, a biography of Nelson (co-written with his father David Howarth) as well as studies of the Imperial Japanese Navy and the US Navy. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and of the Royal Historical Society.

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