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The best way to communicate anytime anywhere

Effective communication is a key business and personal skill. The conversational style is the best way to communicate anytime anywhere and author Lee Bowman is the acknowledged international expert. Author Lee Bowman’s methodology is radical, fascinating and, most importantly, proven. He has been teaching communication skills for 30 years – training leading business and political leaders, senior professionals and sporting personalities to make their words work for them anytime anywhere. This book includes key chapters on: preparing for meetings; using visual aids effectively; communications in diverse cultures; handling question and answer sessions; winning competitive pitches; crisis management; harnessing the power of silence; and, how to relax under pressure. The conversational style is widely accepted as the most skilful way to communicate with virtually any audience anywhere. Yet, how many are good at it? How this can be achieved is what High Impact Communications is all about.

248 pages

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For over 30 years, Lee Bowman has successfully used his radical approach to refine the conversational style pioneered by his father along with that great communicator Ronald Reagan. An American, Lee is Chairman of the London based Kingstree Group – the leading international consultancy in spoken communications.  The versatility of his technique allows it to be adapted by Kingstree for their clients into many other languages and for all business and social occasions anytime anywhere.

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