Anthony Weldon (Compiler)


Speeches that inspired heroic deeds

What are the hidden factors that motivate armies to prevail and conquer against all the odds? What is it that encourages soldiers to perform unbelievable acts of courage even when the odds against them look overwhelming? The words of inspired leaders and generals are often the key factor. Sometimes it is just the soldier on ground who sums up the situation best. It would seem that the day of the set-piece conventional battle is over. For centuries their format changed little. Even if this scenario has now changed, the need for leaders to communicate in times of adversity has not. Words of War covers an immense breadth – from Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great, mediaeval battles, the American Civil War, the two World Wars through to 21st century conflicts. Words of War highlights the fascinating contrasts in style and content of military and political leaders (most absorbing of all are the extraordinary differences, and also some of the similarities it has to be said, between the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and German leader Adolf Hitler during WWII). Interspersed with the longer speeches are brief quotes, insightful one-liners and the light-hearted look at conflict. All throw some light onto what words drive heroic deeds in the face of adversity.

144 pages

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Anthony Weldon is a publisher by trade – he founded Bene Factum Publishing in 1993. But not content to let others do all the writing he has on occasions made forays into authorship. His first book was Breakthrough – handling job change. More recently Anthony co-authored with Donough O’Brien the successful Numeroids …any number of things you know and a few you didn’t

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