Christian Lamb


Offspring of the Royal Gardens at Kew

The contribution of diplomatic, military, and naval exploits in the formation of the British Empire are well recorded, but far less well-known are those of botanic gardens which, in their own unsung way, helped to underpin the Empire’s commercial success and were also instrumental in furthering botanical knowledge around the world. Christian Lamb, distinguished plantswoman and garden historian, writes in her introduction:

It so happens that I ‘collect’ botanic gardens…this book is a nebulous collection of a few chosen botanic gardens from the vast array available – the stars in their spheres…and the remarkable array of the often learned and entrepreneurial characters that created them.”

244 pages

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Christian Lamb has come to authorship late in life – she has written her first two books while in her 80s. From the Ends of the Earth – Passionate plant collectors remembered in a Cornish garden and her WW2 memoir I Only Joined for the Hat have been very successful [both published by Bene Factum Publishing]. She lectures on plants and plant collectors and is a Fellow of the Linnaean Society.

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