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The pageantry explained

The British have always had a penchant for pageantry. Royalty is perhaps the best example of our flair for ceremony, yet rarely do we apply the  magnifying glass and question why the Queen and those around her do what they do. In this comprehensive new handbook, Christopher Lee, international best-selling author of This Sceptred Isle and Monarchy, explains the history and the reason (if any) behind it all. Lee’s authority as a long standing royal commentator and correspondent makes him the perfect guide through the labyrinth of costume and ritual, not only at home but also abroad. The British are not the only nation with a taste for regal theatre…

With hand drawn illustrations from celebrated artist Fiona Graham-Mackay.

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Christopher Lee is a former BBC Royal Correspondent. He advised BBC Radio 4 on the constitutional and historic aspects of the wedding of Prince William and is a member of their commentary team for all royal occasions. Lee is the Editor of Churchill’s A History of the English-speaking Peoples, has written numerous books and over 100 radio plays, including the long running series, Our Brave Boys, and the award- winning Trial of Walter Raleigh. His BBC Radio 4 history of Britain from the Romans to the death of Victoria, This Sceptred Isle and The British Empire, were both multi-award winning series. More recently he wrote Monarchy, also published by Bene Factum, on the history and future of the institution itself.

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