Graham Ferguson


Some Verse And Adverse Rhymes From One Who Should Know Better

At long last Graham Ferguson’s poems are being given an overdue public airing – inside the covers of his book titled Puerilia.

Over the years Graham’s keen wit has captured in verse the ridiculous and amusing antics of his friends – it is a tribute to this poetic talent to amuse that they remain friends. His pen is far from poisonous.

Life in the City, on the river bank and the shooting field has also provided a constant source of inspiration.

Puerilia will entertain and delight not only his ‘victims’ but also their many friends.

168 pages

ISBN: 978-1-903071-43-4. Category: .

Graham Ferguson is a poet who should know better. Many of Graham’s friends have supported the production of this book even though a number of them are also his poetic victims, and feature on the following pages. Some are prepared to forgive him whilst others are thinking of suing him.

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