Donough O'Brien and Anthony Weldon


Any number of things you didn’t know…and some you did

More than 1300 numerical nuggets of the most astonishing, bizarre, and quirky numbers, from the number of emails a spammer must send to get a response, to the number of teeth on a tortoise Numbers are a common language, as every day people use PIN numbers, figure costs, study sports scores, maintain speed limits, check bank balances, play the lottery, and more. This collection reveals hidden and often astonishing numbers, with entries divided into 14 sections, including science, human body, modern life, business, nature, military, music, space, and history. Readers will learn the minimum number of dollars it would be worth Bill Gates’ time to bend down and pick it up–a lot, not surprisingly. They’ll also be well informed about deadly sins, the pounds per square inch at which champagne is bottled, how many miles of arteries and veins are in the human body, the staggering number of bottles of wine that Napoleon’s army took to Russia, the number of chopsticks the Japanese use in a year, and much more.

240 pages

ISBN: 978-1-903071-18-2. Category: .

This is Donough O’Brien’s fourth book (Fringe Benefits, Fame by Chance and Banana Skins). Donough specialises in collecting amazing historical facts. Anthony Weldon is non-fiction publisher and originated the concept for Numeroids. He has published Donough’s three previous books.

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