Roger Morgan-Grenville and Richard Perkins


The Art of Being Beaten in Beautiful Places

Foreword by David Gower

Not everyone can be a true sporting hero. Most of us lost out in life’s sporting lottery, and we have to find whatever virtue we can in effort and incompetence.

Not Out First Ball is a laugh-out-loud manifesto for anyone who has ever silently sobbed at the sight of their off stump cartwheeling off into the distance, or thrown their bat in disgust onto an autumn bonfire. A delightful and witty book telling the story of an accidental club that has lasted 25 years and 263 matches longer than it ever meant to.

Roger Morgan-Grenville has written a book that is not only funny but also immensely insightful and profound. All cricketers (and maybe even their wives) will identify with the author’s experiences and those of his teammates. Long listed for the MCC Book of the Year 2012.

“To field idly at long off in the evening sunshine is to peep back over the wall to when things moved slower, cost less and didn’t always need to signify something. At a time of digital abundance, the whole glorious point of cricket is that so much of it is utterly pointless.”

240 pages

ISBN: 978-1-903071-66-3. Category: .

Roger Morgan-Grenvilleis 53, has a career batting average of 14.28 and sells things to cook with.

Richard Perkins is 56, has a bowling average of 36.58 and sells trees.

Click here to listen to Test Match Sofa‘s fantastic interview with the authors.

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