Donough O'Brien


The Secrets of the Slips and Screw-ups That Brought the Famous Down to Earth

History is filled with stories of the famous crashing to earth, whether through an ill-judged statement, an overweening arrogance, a lust for power or money, or simply a stroke of bad luck. Today, more than ever, the world of the successful is littered with ‘banana skins’ lying in wait for the unwary, as film stars, politicians, soldiers, scientists, business tycoons, royalty, criminals, sports idols and others make that fatal decision, gaffe or slip. It covers 220 fascinating entries. Packed in a gift size, it is highly illustrated in colour. It is ideal travel and present book. It tells the stories behind the stories. This beautifully illustrated book charts the hidden secrets behind some of the biggest ‘banana skins’ of all time – the riveting stories of 200 figures who fell from grace – some for ever, some for a while, some evoke sympathy, a great many do not.

400 pages
Hardback (also available in paperback direct from the publisher)

ISBN: 978-1-909657-13-7. Category: .
Banana Skins A1 Oct  20051

Donough O’Brien

Donough O’Brien has enjoyed an active and successful career which has includes advertising, PR, graphic design and film-making in the US and Europe. His book Fringe Benefits was published in 2000 and Fame by Chance in 2003, now in many foreign editions. His latest book, Who?, deals with all those people you’ve never heard of, but really should have.

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Dimensions 160 x 170 x 40 mm


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