• Nick Hudson

    Nick Hudson

    From London of the Swinging Sixties to the heights of Caribbean luxury, restaurateur, exponent of Chinese cuisine, wine connoisseur, sailor, pilot, international polo commentator, bon-viveur and, above all, free-spirited entrepreneur, Nick Hu Read More

  • Oscar King

    Oscar King

    After a successful and varied career in the British Special Forces and service with the American military and government, Oscar King now works in the financial sector in London and the Middle East. Read More

  • Simon Rae

    Simon Rae

    Simon Rae is a poet, prose writer and broadcaster, and the author of Bodyline and the other Inspector Dalliance Mysteries. Read More

  • Dolores with Paddy Leigh Fermor in Greece

    Dolores Payás

    Dolores Payás is a prolific author, director, screenwriter and translator, writer of the charming Drink Time!, a memoir of her time spent in the company of the inimitable Patrick Leigh Fermor at the end of his life. Read More

  • Pete Bellotte

    Pete Bellotte

    Pete Bellotte is a music producer, songwriter and author of The Unround Circle and other stories. Read More

  • Marta Maretich

    Marta Maretich

    Marta Maretich was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and grew up in Bakersfield, California. Her mother was primary school teacher and her father was an oilman. Read More

  • Robert Booth

    Robert Booth

    After Bedales, Cambridge and LAMDA, and a year finding out that he was neither a good nor a successful actor, Robert Booth spent 11 years teaching English as a foreign language in London, France and Italy. Read More

  • Howard Leedham

    Howard Leedham

    By any standards Howard Leedham’s military career is unusual. He started life as Royal Navy clearance diver, was commissioned, became a Commando helicopter pilot and then served in the Special Forces. Read More

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